Technical Information

The VR-Machine is an additional module for GAMMA-RAY, which creates and displays VR projects.

System requirements for the creation

  • Pentium compatible PC
  • Processor with a clock frequency of at least 3.0 GHz for single CPUs; multiple CPUs will be used optimally for the processing
  • Main memory of at least 2 GB, better 4 GB and more
  • Current graphics card with base support of OpenGL
  • Windows® 7 (32 bits, better 64 bits), Windows® 8 (32 bits, better 64 bits) or Windows® 10 (32 bits, better 64 bits
  • A 64 bits operating system is recommended for the processing of larger projects.

Software requirements

  • GAMMA-RAY Version 15.5 or higher

3D data import and programming

  • Optimized VRM file format of GAMMA-RAY
  • Programming of the function keys F1 to F12 of the keyboard and other key combinations by an easy definition in a dialog

Since there are many graphics cards and drivers on the market, it cannot be guaranteed that the VR-Machine is executable on all available graphics cards, especially when the graphics cards are older. In cases of doubt, you can check this via the examples in the Gallery.

The current driver software has to be installed for your graphics card to ensure the correct operation of the software.