The Advantages of GAMMA-RAY

Use the advantages from our experience in the area of Rendering and Raytracing since 1989!



Direct data interface to many CAD programs

Forget statements about data transfer from your CAD to a renderer that defer to problematic standard interfaces like DXF or VRML. GAMMA-RAY is able to directly load the 3D data of many CAD programs so that the data transfer is unproblematic. In many cases GAMMA-RAY directly applies camera positions, light source parameters, material definitions, and so on so that these do not have to be defined again. Therefore it is possible for you to specify information for rendering while you still are at the stage of construction, resulting in an almost finished photo when you first display the project within GAMMA-RAY. This certainly reduces the time that you need for the rendering and therefore also your expenses. You can produce your own parameter catalog, including your individual definitions which are made to measure the needs of your office. GAMMA-RAY also has standard interfaces which can be used if required. The program uses the official specificcation of these interfaces.


Producing Real Light Flows without Effort

Rendering always had the problem that the results looked artificial even if one has expended high efforts on the illumination. The reason was that the 3D scene was illuminated with artificial light. Or you have used the effortful Radiosity method, where many settings had to be made that strongly influence each other. After a long calculation time you probably noticed flawed effects in the images, resulting from flaws of the method itself.

With GAMMA-RAY, this is a thing of the past. With only few mouse clicks you can easily produce real light flows of daylight, light sources and emitting materials without the need for great knowledge about illumination. The program automatically calculates atmospheric light to make your objects more plastic. If required, further light sources can be added to complement the real light in certain areas.