With GAMMA-RAY you can easily produce high-quality images of your 3D objects with a real illumination


Today, it becomes more and more important for companies to display the products they produce and sell in a promotionally effective way. The usage of line drawings or simple color images is not sufficient in a long time. By now, your customers presuppose a realistic presentation of the product. They expect a display with real surface materials, transparent glass plates and the integration in a real-illuminated environment.

GAMMA-RAY is just the right tool for you as a CAD user who makes his constructions three-dimensionally in order to produce high-class photos from the 3D models in next to no time. You can create a real illumination through real daylight without special knowledge. Just as you have no influence on the daylighting in day-to-day life, you do not have to carry out any setting in GAMMA-RAY. Evenly simply you can create indirect illumination from light sources or let materials emit light to show indirect illumination. Forget about the high effort which you had to put into the setting of an illumination by artificial lights to then only create artificial images. Now you are working with real light flows!

But don\'t worry, the effort is considerably smaller than with comparable programs. The real ilumination of direct and indirect light is created without the effortful settings which one for example knows from past calculations with radiosity. Still, the lights are real and not only simulated. Thanks to the new GPU Turbo you calculate the light flows in next to no time. As soon as the individual parts which contribute to the global illumination are calculated, they can be co-ordinated individually with the new channel manager. Again, this happen without lenghty calcualtions!

As a result, the money you invested in GAMMA-RAY is amortized in no time!

Create films with GAMMA-RAY in which you can already walk through a new building with your customers before it is built. In addition, you can animate sequences of movements and make light animations. You can easily produce interior and exterior panoramas by which the observers can obtain an impression of your product by themselves. They alone are in control, which means that they decide how they move in an interior or from which side they want to look at an object from the outside. Thus, the customers are not limited to a predefined sequence but can decide for themselves what they want to see.

All these results can be used in your brochure, on your presentation CD and on your web page. Interior panoramas can also be shown on your mobile device.