The Advantages at a Glance

A virtual system like the VR-Machine used to be combined with enormous hardware costs so that it could not be used bysVR-Machineeverybody. The VR-Machine has overcome this barrier now. Use a PC with a current hardware equipment, install the VR-Machine, and the virtual world already opens up for you.

Thus, VR is afforable for you!

The VR-Machine displays the three-dimensional scene in a photo realistic image quality in real time. Besides real texture images, effects like soft shadows, reflections, shine and transparencies are also available. The illumination is performed in the high daylight quality of GAMMA-RAY.

In this way you can present your products in high-quality!

You navigate through the buildings with a joystick, look at the objects from all sides, or fly over the 3D scene. Finally, the possibilities best known from PC games are also available for the presentation of your products.

That way, advertising is great fun!

The usage of the software is very easy for the observer. The control is performed via the joystick, the mouse, or the keyboard. You can define additional functions for every virtual project which then can be used comfortably via the function keys F1 to F12 of the keyboard or other key combinations.

This guarantees a convincing presentation!

The great advantage of the VR-Machine is that the program falls in line with your previous presentation chain. You can design in 2D and in 3D. Create photo realistic images and animations with GAMMA-RAY, and you use exactly this data and these settings for the next step: the creation of VR projects. So you do not have to start all over again; the VR-Machine rather is the next step to the modern presentation of your company and your achievements. Therefore, the effort is reduced extremely.