Virtual Reality for Everyone!

The VR software VR-Machine makes it possible to get an almost realistic real time presentation of your ideas on a "normal" PC.

Until now, Virtual Reality was reserved for a small group of users. Of course, the reason were the enormous costs for the acquisitions of hardware and software. However, you probably also want to use this modern technology to be able to make high-end presentations of your CAD data.

The VR-Machine is just the right tool for professional product presentations. No matter whether you are an architect, an interior planner, or a designer - with the VR-Machine you are able to show your products in perfect quality before they were even produced. In this way you save the costs of constructing a model. Make all movements of the camera in realtime, so that the creation of effortful films with camera paths is no longer necessary.

View and check your models in the stage of development without having to expend large production costs and times. In this way you can avoid faults at form, surface, and design early on.

Virtual Reality is also very important in the field of architecture. In many cases. it is hard for clients and prospective customers to understand the plans of the architect. The arrangement of rooms with two-dimensional illustrations presupposes a high imagination of the customer. We live in a three-dimensional world, thus presentations should also be three-dimensional. This is exactly what you can realize with the VR-Machine.

And of course, it makes a lasting impression on your customers when they receive a VR project including a VR player from you, which they can use to walk through a building on their PC at home. They will be able to look at the furniture from all sides, which you will manufacture for them afterwards.

In order to realize the three-dimensional presentation in perfection, different possibilities of a 3D stereo presentation are at your disposal. Capitalize on the 3D hype and make use of 3D projections with red-/ green glasses, 3D monitors and 3D television sets, or 3D beamer sets.

With the VR-Machine you overcome the previous lacks of Virtual Reality. So far, you could only present simple color displays. Therefore, Virtual Reality previously focused on the field of the presentation of functionality. VR- Machine> goes a clear step further. You can finally present your work in a truly realistic way. This includes the display of real reflections, transparencies and shadow casts, as well as a clean display of the object edges and real illumination by daylight. By the use of own technologies for the control of the graphics card, the VR-Machine is now independent of special commands for the graphics cards. Only in this way it can be ensured that Virtual Reality can be presented by graphics cards of different manufacturers without problems resulting of a great range also in the future.