The VR-Licensing-Module

The VR projects which you create with the VR-Machine can be looked at in the internal player of the VR-Machine. However, these VR projects can also be used externally to send them to the customer, or to integrate them into a web page as an EXE file. For this, you need the VR-Licensing-Module with which the VR projects then are prepared for the external use in the free VR player.

Additionally, the module allows you to create a data set that can be burned directly on a CD. If your prospect inserts this CD into a CD-ROM disk drive, the VR player starts automatically, loads the VR project, and shows it.

Another function makes it possible to pass a file which includes a compressed version of both the VR player and the VR project. If the user then starts this executable file, the VR player is started automatically, loads the VR project, and shows it.

Further information can be found in the manual of VR-Machine.

The VR-Licensing-Module is an additional module of GAMMA-RAY. You can order it for € 299.00 (recommended retail price) plus taxes and shipping. Consult your contact person for GAMMA-RAY or order in our Shop.