The Data Sheet of GAMMA-RAY


Calculation algorithms:



Real daylight direct and indirect, replaces the old and complex Radiosity algorithm
Indirect light of light sources
Direct and indirect light emitting of materials (Lumen based)
Individual adjustment of the single light flows with the Channel Manager without recalculation
Floor radiation
Artificial light (ambient light, point light, individual sunlight or calculation of the solar altitude, spotlight, extended spotlight, parallel light, tube light, area light)
Light only affects individual materials
Adjustability of special gloss lights
Lamps of manufacturers via Eulumndat format
Visible light

    Calculation algorithms:

Solid-Rendering, Flat-Rendering, Gouraud-Rendering, Hybrid-Rendering (automatically chooses the optimal rendering method for a material for the best relationship between calculation quality and calculation time, with optimized Raytracing), HDRI


Real smooth shadows via calculating light flows, smooth shadows via shadow buffer, exact shadow via object buffer and Raytracing shadow

Number of light sources:

    Any desired, can be subdivided into light groups

Maximum image size:

    As you choose
    When the main memory is insufficient, the image can be calculated directly into a file