The Data Sheet of GAMMA-RAY


    Bitmap materials, 3D structures (Displacement-Mapping), multiple materials, procedural 3D materials, animated materials, own texts
    Can be subdivided into catalogs, extensive material library, expandable with additional CDs/DVDs

3D Objects Library:

    Numerous 3D objects with pre-calculated daylight
    Expandable with additional CDs/DVDs

Material properties:


    Gloss, real reflection, gloss maps, reflection maps, reflection with environment mapping, transparency, bumps, shine, bluescreen, alpha-channel, several mapping algorithms

Texture options:


    Display from view direction
    Texture images can be arranged irregularly
    Reflections, scaling, offset, rotate, place multiple times, reflect multipe times, order via random generator
    Also modifiable interactively with the mouse


    Software acceleration via own software accelerator for highest quality with short calculation time, using multiple CPUs
    Hardware acceleration via OpenGL® with reduced quality (because of the process of this method)