The Advantages of GAMMA-RAY


Adjust the Light Source Settings Interactively with the Mouse

In order to adjust artificial light, you only have to click on the light source with the mouse to then move the position and the orientation interactively. The cone of light will move in real time. The result of the colored display can also be seen in real time. The same is true of the shadow casted by the objects. You can see them without special graphics cards. In this way you can playfully define illumination.


Material Catalogs

You can structure your materials into your own catalogs. It is therefore possible to lay out a neat aggregation of your textures with generic terms (e.g. stones, tiles, brick, ...). GAMMA-RAY supports the main bitmap formats, so you can search the internet for texture images to add them into yout catalogs.


Calculation in HDRI

All calculations are internally executed in the high HDRI quality to realize the best color quality. This can be exported as a HDRI file to use it with other programs.


Calculation of the Sun Position

The program automatically calculates the direction of the sunbeams via the entry of the geographical place, or the lengths and degree of latitude of the desired place in combination with the date and the time. Thereby you can create exact calculations of the solar radiation.


Improvement of the Texture Quality

Textures with fine lines thinner than a pixel often pruduce Moiré Effects that strongly disturb the photo realistic image. These problem areas can be optimized with some texture filters and images filters of GAMMA-RAY so that a natural image impression arises.