The Advantages of GAMMA-RAY


Extremely high data compression

As opposed to many other rendering programs, the database of GAMMA-RAY processes polygons as polygons and not as triangles. GAMMA-RAY uses an own software method for the rendering and therefore does not have the insufficiencies of a hardware rendering, for example the need for a large amount of data - a result of bad rendering algorithms. On the one hand, GAMMA-RAY uses a considerably lower data volume for the loaded 3D data, on the other hand errors that are algorithmically contingent on a triangle segmentation disappear. For the users this means that they can process considerably larger amounts of data with GAMMA-RAY. This is additionally supported by the integrated data compression by which 3D constructions with a higher need of memory can also be processed with low main memory.


Front- and Backclipping

Often, one would for example want to look into a house from above, however, the roof construction impedes this. In such cases you can now define exactly at which places the object shall be cut open. All polygons outside of the defined area will then be hidden.


Intuitive Usage

GAMMA-RAY has a Windows user interface which was designed with a clear structure in order to meet the needs of rendering users. Frequently used functions like positioning of the camera, the light sources, the objects, and so on can be easily executed with the mouse. The individual operation groups are easily accessable via icons. The dialogs are neatly grouped as well. The user interface is adapted to the Windows philosophy. The control of the mouse menus is object-oriented. This means that a click on the right mouse button will call up submenus which correspond to the selected mode. With the Navigator you can quickly switch between the modes for the camera adjustment.