GAMMA-RAY - Rendering for every CAD-User


GAMMA-RAY is the only rendering program which is compatible to more than 50 CAD programs by a direct interface.

Rendering can be so easy

Map your 3D projects with real materials via drag & drop,
illuminate the scenes with real daylight and
control the indirect illumination via scroll bars with the unique Channel Manager as if it is a simple light source.

Thanks to the new GPU Turbo the calculation of light happens in turbo speed.

The display of the results happens in a minimum of time even without expensive graphics hardware!

Please visit our Gallery with numerous examples realized with GAMMA-RAY.

You can download your trial version of GAMMA-RAY from the area Support. Here you will find the Customer Area and the Reseller Area as well.

Click here to get information about how to transfer the 3D data from your CAD program to GAMMA-RAY.

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