The unique hybrid rendering and further modern algorithms make it possible to render in real time. Move your objects on the screen in color. For this you do not need an expensive graphics card which cannot produce the good quality you expect anyway. GAMMA-RAY calculates all rendering effects by software and uses multiple CPUs for the calcuations as well as the processors of the graphics card. Via this parallel calculation the images are calculated in shortest time in highest quality. Even in this area GAMMA-RAY is different to other renderers, by dividing the tasks intelligently between the available processors so that the calculations can perform even more efficiently.

With the bluescreen technology it is possible to integrate plants, animals, people, vehicles etc. into the images without an effortful construction. Instead of a 3D model you work with a photo which you can place into the scene.

The clearly arranged menu structure allows even beginners to produce the first photo realistic image in a short time. Materials can be assigned easily with the mouse via drag & drop. Changes of your settings are immediately visible. Via the automatic mapping algorithms, the program calculates effortful scaling of the materials for the user so that they are displayed with their real sizes.

GAMMA-RAY has numerous direct data interfaces to the most important CAD programs. We directly work together with the CAD developers to ensure an optimal data transfer. A direct interface exists to the following CAD programs:

3DGENERATOR, ACAD-BAU, Alphaschift, ARC+, ArchLINE XP, ArCon, ArCon Küche, ARRIBA CA3D, Artifex, AutoCAD, BauCad K+R, Bauplan, Bauset, BiCAD, BoCAD-3D, BricsCAD, CAD+T, CAD400, CADdy, CADStone, CADVANCE, CATIA, Compass-CAD, CS-CADI, DataCAD, DiaCAD, Drawbase, Elite NT, GeomaticsSuite, Helix Design System, HiCAD, hsbCAD, IronCAD, MCAD, MegaCAD, MegaTISCHLERpro, Messerli-CAD, Micado, One Space Designer, paletteCAD, Pointline CAD, ProLignum 3D, ProSteel 3D, roncoFIX, RSO, SEMA Holzbausoftware, Sinus-CAD, SketchUp, speedikon A/M/W/X/XXL, Spirit, Staircon, Swiss all CAD, swissPrecision Engineer, TCP, Tischler-3D, Trias 3D, Vector CAD, Vi2000, ZWCAD.

In addition there exist the following generell 3D interfaces:


Via these interfaces you can load CAD data from Allplan, ArchiCAD, SolidWorks, 3D-Studio, Cinema4D and many more.

Click here to get information about how to transfer the 3D data from your CAD program to GAMMA-RAY.

You can order GAMMA-RAY for 1.515,00 € (recommended retail price) plus taxes and shipping. Consult your contact person for GAMMA-RAY or order in our Shop.