The Data Sheet of GAMMA-RAY


    Creation of interior and exterior panoramas with few clicks, limitable even to sections, support of VR glasses
    Camera paths, object movements, light animations, and material animations as AVI and WMV
    Virtual Reality via additional module VR-Machine

Special effects:

    Bluescreen technique (brought into line with the camera, the light source, and the reflection)
    Transmission, refraction, slide projection, Diaprojektion, slide projection, transparency maps for differently transparent areas
    Highlights on metals, adjustable with gloss light
    Light halo, aperture effects, blur, fog
    3D stereo images with shutter glasses (TV set or monitor) and red/green or red/cyan glasses

Special functions:


    By means of physically correct calculations, the illumination does not have to be recalculated at every camera movement (this is the case with many other renderers, which leads to unnecessarily long processing times)
    Even after changing the 3D model rendering settings that were already adjusted will not be lost, thus it is possible to continue immediately
    Converging lines can be corrected by a click
    High compressed database for an optimal usage of the main memory
    Optimized edge smoothing
    Optimization and correction of the loaded data
    Camera, light sources, textures and environments can be adjusted interactively with the mouse
    Environment with background images, foreground images, scenery and panorama environments
    Fitting a project into a background image via points or polygons
    Window manager for the display in four views and further free views
    Dim only for a shadow cast on a background image
    Administration of partial projects for a fast selection of added objects
    Adjusting the measurement units for dimensional information in the dialogs