The Advantages of GAMMA-RAY


Extensive Mapping Algorithms

Mapping describes the way in which a texture is covered on a polygon. GAMMA-RAY takes this off the user’s shoulder through automatic mapping algorithms. Unlike other rendering programs, in GAMMA-RAY textures do not have to be scaled and placed tediously; you simply assign the texture to the polygon. However, if you still want to interfere, you of course have extensive possibilities to do so.


Bluescreen Technique

With the bluescreen technology, GAMMA-RAY offers the possibility of placing people, animals, plants, vehicles, and so on in projects without having to design them effortfully. Simply place a polygon in the project, then put the image of the respective texture (e.g. a tree) on it and indicate this texture as a bluescreen texture. Just as in the old bluebox technique for filmmaking, the program will calculate the background of this texture transparent so that the tree is placed in the project. Of course, only the shadow of the tree becomes displayed during the shadow calculation and not the shadow of the polygon. The tree can be lined up automatically by corresponding settings so that it is always visible from the front.


Professional Anti-Aliasing

GAMMA-RAY automatically recognizes the edges that should be smoothed and calculates an edge smoothing for those only. This is executed for object edges, shadow edges and edges within textures. In addition you can smooth complete polygon areas to get for example correct displays of reflections and transparencies.

With the high-quality full-screen anti aliasing you can create the most professional improvement for the display of edges and textures.


Fitting in into an Existing Perspective

GAMMA-RAY makes it possible to fit a geometry into a predefined perspective. You can for example fit a constructed house into the photo of an empty site. Two procedures are available. In the general method you work with point pairs which you specify in the project. If a right-angled situation is present (for example fitting in of winter gardens, placing of furniture in a room, and so on), use the easy placing of two polygons.