The Advantages of GAMMA-RAY


Interactive Animations through Panoramas also for the Internet and Mobile Devices

In order to let observers of your animation influence the display by themselves, you can produce panoramas which are displayed by an optimized player. The observer then moves in interiors or looks at objects from the outside from different directions. These panoramas also can be integrated into your web pages and advertising CDs or be displayed on your imobile device so that they can be presented optimally. Panoramas can be integrated into presentation programs by the creation of QuickTime MOV-files.


Animations which can also be made by "Laymen"

With GAMMA-RAY it is possible to produce camera paths. Objects, light sources and materials can be animated as well. The definition of the animation follows easy steps. Therefore, CAD users have a comfortable solution to produce animations for their areas (walkin in and around a house, moving mechanical parts, creating sun simulation over the day in connection with the calculation of the sun position, driving in a car along a street train, ...).


Immediate Display

In many rendering programs a variety of parameters have to be adjusted after loading geometry before one sees the “first colored image” on the screen. Thus, new users who do not know the meaning of the parameters yet will need a few hours before being able to produce a first colored image on the screen. GAMMA-RAY offers the possibility to display the geometry in the colors and materials provided by the CAD directly after loading. Subsequently you can change the individual surfaces step by step and are able to check the result immediately (thanks to the fast display speed).