The Advantages of GAMMA-RAY


Calculation with Multiple CPUs and GPUs

If your PC has multiple CPUs available (i5/7, ...), they are used parallely for computation-intensive calculations. Additionally, GAMMA-RAY> also uses all available processors of your graphics card, thanks to the function GPU Turbo. This leads to optimum results in a minimum of time.


Extensive Material Possibilities

Like every rendering program, GAMMA-RAY offers bitmap materials , i.e. the possibility of mapping images on polygons. Additionally, you can also use three-dimensional procedural textures which permeate the objects (for example for the display of full woodwork bodies). AVI films can be mapped on polygons in the form of animated materials. In the animation this film is then presented on the polygon.

GAMMA-RAY displays the materials in a toolbox. The assignment takes place via drag &drop. You simply drag the material with the mouse on the polygons or the object which you want to map with the material. The result is immediately visible. The material settings can be changed either interactively with the mouse or precisely via entering the values.

With the 3D structures, you create 3D polygons based on a texture image. Plane surfaces receive clear structures which, unlike the bump maps, are not optical illusions but real geometries. Highs and depths can be adjusted as desired. With the 3D structures you can create rough surfaces up to, e.g. stone walls whose structure is clearly visible. You do not have to model such bodies by yourself.


Processing Acceleration with Intelligent Hybrid Rendering

GAMMA-RAY automatically specifies which calculation method has to be used for the individual surfaces to obtain an ideal relationship between displayed quality and required time. The program can choose from basic rendering methods to the optimized Raytracing method. For you this means that in comparison to other renderers the calculation time is strongly accelerated even for high quality images.