The Advantages of GAMMA-RAY


Revolutionary Channel-Manager

With the Channel-Manager, you can easily change the brightness of the calculated light easily by a slider without the need to re-calculate the real lighting again and again. Tune the individual lighting components to each other by hand. The result can be seen immediately at the next image display.


Even more realistic illumination thanks to emiting materials

If you have until now only used the standard light sources of rendering systems such as all-round lights and spotlights, you soon realized that the images always looked artificial, because the lighting was only mathematically simulated. With GAMMA-RAY, you can use objects whose materials emit light into the environment. As with daylight, you can create real, soft light flows, which are reflected back from the surroundings. This illumination can be calculated with GPU Turbo and is therefore very fast. Use these options for interior illumination and indirect illumination. Your images look much more atmospheric and not so unreal.


Continuing Immediately after Changing the Geometry

Even today the rendering has to be restarted at many rendering programs with all settings when slightly changing the construction retrospectively. However, it is an everyday occurence that you construct a 3D object, open it in the renderer and realize that you have to alter the construction. Thus, GAMMA-RAY as the rendering program for the CAD user has from day one been designed so that you can change the geometry, then load it into the renderer again where you can easily add the previous settings. Therefore, you can continue with just the previous settings. Of course, this saves a lot of time opposite to other renderers where you have to start anew over and over again. So, you drastically reduce the expenses for rendering.